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showing or promising no ending of intensity, strength, or pace

Each day the we step in the gym we will not back down from any challenge presented to us.

There are a few changes in our strength template we will use in improving our fitness.
Below is an overview of what a typical week at Spectra will look like.

2 Focused – 8 Week Strength Cycles
a)1 Power Lift Day
b)1 Olympic Lift Day

1 Accessory Day
Go Muscle+Show Muscle

1 Skill Day
Perfecting the technique

1 Endurance Day
Longer cardio for a good sweat and increased work capacity.

Monday: Power Lift
Tuesday: Accessory
Wednesday: Olympic Lift
Thursday: Endurance Only
Friday: Skill

For the first 8 weeks of the year we will get kicked off with a back squat|clean cycle. Use the PR board in the back to track your lifts. A notepad or a software tracking tool such as SugarWOD can be used. The cool part about the strength cycle template is that no
matter where you left off you’ll be able to pick right back up and get after it regardless of time off.

We will be open New Years Day hosting a 9AM/10AM class

In 2018 we will track goals from quarter to quarter. Athletes are to list only ONE goal they have for the quarter. Your goal must be measurable and quantifiable.
ie saying “I want abs” is not a goal. However, reducing your body fat (which leads to showing your abs) IS a goal. Please get with a coach before puting a goal up.
Goals are due by the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY

8 Week Composition Challenge
For 8 weeks starting in the month of January we are going to dial in our nutrition. Your diet structure is total up to you. If you want to do Whole 30, Paleo, Zone, Abs Diet, Keto, Primal, etc it’s totally up to you.
Body Analytics will be out Jan 17 to test composition. Don’t wait until the summer. Start 2018 right. For my details get with a coach.

It’s going to be a great and exciting year!


-Coach Donald