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5 Quick Tips For Getting Your Summer Body Ready

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Summer is about 9 weeks away.  Many of us are gearing up for vacations, lazy days by the pool or just hanging out at the beach.

Here’s 5 quick tips to get you going for the summer!

  1. Consistency 
    • Time in the gym will be an absolute must. 4-6 days of high intensity training will give you the most bang for your buck when getting ready for summer prep.  Remember: Big muscles burn big calories!
  2. Nutrition

    • Back to consistency.  You have to have a consistent diet to meet your goals. A decent caloric deficit + tossing out the junk and processed food will boost your bodies efficiency to lean out. Too much of a caloric deficit can actually cause you to store fat vs burning it
  3. Recovery

    • The body needs time to recover from intense workouts! This includes quality sleep, hydration, and fuel! Try to grab 7-9hrs of sleep and drink half your bodyweight in oz of water!
  4. Throw Out The Scale

    • Remember a scale does nothing more than tell you how much gravity affects the mass that’s you.  In the road to changing your body you’re probably going to put on some lean muscle mass while losing fat.  However the scale won’t tell you this. Use tools like fotos, measurements, and composition testing such as DEXA scans and Hydrostatic testing to track progress!
  5. High Quality Training
    • The name of the game is to train at a level to maximize the results you desire not spin your wheels getting nowhere. Quality trainers with quality programs get you down the road than just stumbling in the dark. This is EXACTLY what Spectra Strength is about! If you’re looking to get in shape come in and try a free workout. No matter where your starting point is, our staff will meet you where you are and take you higher.

Are you ready?