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5 Tips On Recovering From Workouts

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It’s summer time and the earbuds and pre-workout drinks are in full swing as everyone is getting that summer body ready.

Here’s 5 simple tips to aid you in the road to the summer

  1. Rest 

    • As much as a great 2-3 hour session in the gym is, the body still needs proper time to rest in order to recover.  Remember, exercise is very beneficial but it also creates wear on the body.  We recommend 6-9 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Nutrition 

    • The body is a living breathing machine. In order for machines to function they need an energy (fuel source).  Whether you’re putting on some lean muscle mass or shredding up make sure your body gets the proper calories and macro nutrients to keep that fire burning!
  3. Hydration

    • Water makes ups two-thirds of the planets surface. It also makes up 60% of the body’s content. Water is more than just fluid to quench thirst. Water is essential for brain and cellular functionality. Hydration also prevents cramping.  Try to consume half your bodyweight in oz of water per day
  4. Active Recovery

    • Sounds a bit of an oxymoron.  However on “days off” just moving around lightly can prevent soreness from setting in.  Try going for a 2-3 mile trail walk or biking around your neighborhood.
  5. Supplement

    • Supplements never can replace quality food you input but merely aid you. Here a few supplements that can  help you recover
      • L-Glutamine – reduces soreness
      • Fish / CBD Oil – Reduces inflammation
      • Probiotics – maintains healthy digestion


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