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A Touch Of Vanity – Inside The Vanity WOD

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  1. excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements

What is the Vanity WOD ?






The Vanity WOD [dubbed VWOD] is a 12 week strength program dedicated to getting all the muscles you really care about in their most badass form.

If you don’t want the following:

  • Killer legs
  • Defined arms
  • Tight core
  • Sculpted back
  • Dat Booty!

Then the VWOD isn’t for you!



  1. What is the Vanity WOD? – Please read the aforementioned
  2. When will the Vanity WOD take place? – Vanity will be held every Thursday at 6:30PM for the summer months
  3. When is the first class? – The first class will be held June 8th, 6:30PM!
  4. How long will classes last? – From 1hr to 1hr 15min
  5. Will Vanity replace Afterburn? – Absolutely NOT
  6. Will there be a WOD (ie metcon)? – NO, this class purely has a lifting emphasis.  Vanity is the mirror compliment to Afterburn. 
  7. Is Vanity for new members also? – Do you like looking great? 
  8. What will I need for class? – Your usual WOD gear and a cool as ice personality!