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A Coach’s Travel-2-Anguilla – The Digital Dash

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Many have inquired about my travels to the beautiful island of Anguilla in the midst of COVID.  This guide is a breakdown of the ins and outs of how to get to the island and dodge some mistakes I made along the way.

**Please note that the policies of St. Maarten and Anguilla are constantly changing in response to COVID so make sure to check the latest updates from their governments.
Accessing the island of Anguilla requires flying in to the island of St. Maarten (airport SMX) followed be either a quick flight or boat charter to Anguilla.  Most flights from the US come through New York City (JFK) and Atlanta (ATL)

..::Paperwork Before Departure::…
St. Maarten requires all travelers to complete a pre-authorization application before landing on island.

Application can be found here:
You will need to submit the following documents on the application
-Passport image
-COVID Vaccine Card
-Negative COVID test result (rt-PCR within 72 hours of departure | antigen within 48)
-Flight information
-Place of stay

I recommend you keep a physical copy of the approval document from the government and your COVID test.  I found people who had all these documents on their phone spent more time going through customs than those with paper.

NOTE: You will need to complete this form again before heading back from Anguilla to St. Maarten to head out.  Please don’t be like me and not complete a form with 20 minutes until the last ferry departs and your flight being in 3 hours!!!!! They will not let you leave Anguilla without that form!

Upon arrival to the island of Anguilla you will be given a COVID test and a wrist band with instructions to quarantine at your place of stay. A government official will be by to remove your band upon confirmation of a negative test.  If you remove it, you could face fines or deportation so follow the rules.

You’re going to need ANOTHER COVID test within 48 hours of your departure from Anguilla. There are a few clinics on island that perform them at $60/test

So let me run it back
-Complete St. Maarten travel authorization form along with COVID tests and forms
-COVID Test 1 upon arrival to Anguilla
-COVID Test 2 before departing Anguilla
-Second entry form to St. Maarten completed before departing Anguilla

I hope this helps.

Next post, I’ll break down travel to the island, where to stay, eat, and some hacks to save a few dollars!