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Healthy Nutrition While On The Go

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Often many people ask me, “How can I maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle on the go?”

While it may seem that the answer is very hard and complex, it is quite the opposite.

Here are a few steps to snagging some good chow on the go.

Step 1: Keep simple snacks available

-Protein bars/powder, nuts, dried fruit, jerky are all great staples for the person on the go

Step 2: Plan for success at restaurants 

– If you’re heading to a restaurant, look at the menu and predetermine ahead what you will order.

-Try to go with grilled whole proteins, steamed veggies, and quality starches such a baked potato/wild rice

Step 3: Eat Before You Go

-While it may sound difficult at times, you can whip up a quick protein smoothie and drink while in traffic or on the way to the next meeting

Step 4: Don’t beat yourself up

-Life isn’t straightforward and every time you may not when this battle but you want to put forth the EFFORT to make the best nutrition decisions for your body!


-Stay Cool