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Inside The Spec with Eric Garcia

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Join Coach Donald as he sits down with one of Spectra’s multifaceted and hardest workers, Eric Garcia.

DS: Where are you from?

EG: Born and raised in the east end of Houston, TX.

DS:What is something very few at the box know about you?

EG: Very few people know that I like tattoos. No seriously, I would say very few people know that I have a deep religious side that keeps me sane and keeps my mind from going 100 mph.

DS: What’s your athletic background?
EG: Played football in school grades 7 through 11. Basketball grades 7 through 10. Weight lifting for 10 years on and off.

DS: How did you find Spectra CrossFit?
EG: Good ole fashioned Google (5 minutes from work)

DS:  What do you like most about our box?
EG: The team environment (No man/woman left behind)

DS: What was the worst WOD you’ve ever done?
EG: Murph

DS: What’s your favorite movement?
EG: Strict BB Shoulder Press (250+ PR)

DS: Least favorite movement?
EG: Overhead Squat (absolutely hate it)

DS: Favorite workout song?

EG: Sailor Jerry Rum
by Faraway Boys (psychobilly music)

DS: Favorite clothing brand?

EG: Lacoste for a night out, and Nike for athletic wear.

DS: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

EG: Mrs. Bairds Cherry Pie (OMG and they like to put that crap in the check out lanes to purposely tease me)

DS: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

EG: To read peoples mind and for it to be held as viable evidence in a court room. (I am a good mind reader as it is, but unfortunately it does not hold any merit in a court room).

DS: You’re definitely a fan of tattoos, tell us what are your most meaningful tattoos?

EG: My two most meaningful tattoos are a Harley Davidson chopper engine, and a huge Rooster with boxing gloves. I’ve been riding Harley’s since 18 and even though the iron horse has thrown me off several times, there’s no better thrill than to ride hard while jamming to some rockabilly tunes. The boxing rooster is significant because it symbolizes my family’s history of boxers. Both my father and uncles spent time in the ring. It is also symbolic of the fight in me, from raising a daughter at the age of 15 to fighting through adversity to get to where I am now.

DS: Who is the most influential person in your life?

EG: The most influential person in my life is the voice inside my head that tells me to get shit done. Seriously! Yes my parents are the best. They are the most religious, caring parents a son can ask for but when it comes down to it, the inner me just runs shit. I grew up so fast at the age of 15 when I had to go to school from 8am to 4pm then to my full time job at a factory from 5pm to midnight Monday through Friday that my mind is programmed to full speed only.

DS: You’re no stranger to the weightroom, what’s your top 5 favorite lifts?

EG: Flat Bench Press
Decline Bench Press
BB Front Shoulder Press
T-Bar Rows
Heavy Tricep Dips (With added weight).

DS: Who are your top 3 strength athletes?

EG: Brian Shaw
CT Fletcher
Arnold Schwarzenegger