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Inside The Spec With Gladys Maradiaga

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Join Coach Donald as he interviews one of Spectra CrossFit’s OGs and chilled athletes, Gladys Maradiaga

DS: Where are you from?

GM: I was born in Houston, TX and raised in San Jose, CA. My family and I moved back to Houston my freshman year in high school. I have resided in Austin and Houston since then.

DS: What is something very few at the box know about you?

GM: My mom is Salvadorian and my dad is Vietnamese. I’m fluent in Spanish and only know food names in Vietnamese.

DS: What’s your athletic background?

GM: When I was younger, I was in karate. I hated it but there was bakery in the facility and my mom would take me to get a treat after every lesson. It worked until we moved and lived too far to continue. I was only one level away from the black belt! I also played basketball in middle school. Although, my dad was always upset when I received “satisfactory” in my PE classes.

DS: How did you find Spectra CrossFit?

GM: My aunt saw a groupon for Spectra. I heard about CrossFit in the past and wanted to try it so we stopped by. Glad we did because I absolutely love it!

DS: What do you like most about our box?

GM: Crossfit has a bad rep for people getting hurt. I love that the coaches are more concerned about technique and keeping everyone safe rather than going super heavy or super fast just to say we did it “RX”. I also love the comradery. Everyone pushes each other and cheers each other on.

DS: What was the worst WOD you’ve ever done?

GM: The last WOD in last year’s Spectra Battles. Thrusters, box jumps, burpees over kettlebells, and a sled drag. It was hot and miserable.

DS: What’s your favorite movement?

GM: I think cleans are my favorite movement. I think it’s more because it makes me feel strong. When I first started, I could barely lift 55 lbs. Now, my max is 125 lbs

DS: Least favorite movement?

GM: I think thrusters are my least favorite. They always wear me out super fast.

DS: Favorite workout song?

GM: Anything with Drake. But I also love old school rap goodies.

DS: Favorite clothing brand?

GM: If we are talking about workout clothes, probably Nike since majority of my clothes are Nike.

DS: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

GM: I don’t believe in cheat meals because it gives us the impression that there are “good” and “bad” food. I believe all foods fit in any lifestyle. I also think cheat meals give us an excuse to binge on everything we do not allow ourselves to have during the week. It can be detrimental. I think we should be able to enjoy our foods at all times. If I want a donut, I have a donut! I think difference is when it comes to 1 donut or 5 donuts. It’s about moderation.

DS: What’s your top 3 favorite movies of all time?

GM: The Lion King, Clueless, Save the Last Dance

DS: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

GM: I would want lightning speed! Like the Flash!

DS: You come from a pretty diverse family tell us more about growing up in a multi-ethnic family?

GM: It was great! The food is delicious! (LOL). On a serious note, it was great because it exposed me to different cultures. My childhood was filled with many different influences, different cultures, many accents, and lots of traveling. My mom’s side of the family is huge but I liked how we came together on weekends. Everyone knew what was going on in each other’s lives and very family oriented. My dad’s side is more traditional, which allowed me to really appreciate different practices. It is also cool that I can celebrate holidays than most people can. For example, we observe New Year but also Lunar New Year. Growing up in a multi-ethnic family is truly a blessing.

DS: You’re about to be a married woman soon, what’s been the best/worst part about wedding planning?

GM: The best part about wedding planning is taste testing. I seriously love food. The worst part about it is the financial aspect. Weddings are so expensive and I do not understand why things cost so much just because it has the word “wedding” in it.

DS: Who is the most influential person in your life?

GM: My mom. She works full time and still has the time to take care of the family. The most impressive part is that she is never too tired to visit my grandmother every single day no matter how busy she may be. My mom is the most supportive, caring, understanding person in the world. She also has swag. I remember when I was debating if I should buy my Jeep or not. I was going through a pros and cons list and my mom just said, “YOLO”. Mom was right and I bought my Jeep