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Operation S.L.I.C. – Summer Lean Initiative Challenge

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The Summer  heat is here and it is going nowhere anytime soon.  Time to refocus and dial in those nutrition and fitness goals.

Enter: Operation S.L.I.C. – the Summer Lean Initiative Challenge

Over 90 Days, Spectra athletes will not only tackle inner  and outer gym challenges but nutritional ones as well on the road to being a fitter, leaner, meaner, sexier version of themselves.

SLIC runs July 10th through Sept 29th

Cost $130

$90 – Composition Testing

$40 – Pool


Body Analytics is coming to Spectra on the 28th of June to get the beginning composition of everyone.

SLIC will start on the 10th after the week of the 4th and run out until the 29th of September.

For 1% bodyfat decrease you have you will earn $10 of your money back, there is NO LIMIT to this.  Yes if you drop 12% bodyfat you would get $120

The challenges  come with their own pool in which the champion will have a winner take all!


1)Can I start the challenge late?

No, you must have your comp test completed  and pool money paid before July 10th

2)Can I use another means of measuring composition?

Everyone must be tested through Body Analytics.  Home scales, DEXA, calipers or other measuring means may not be used for this challenge.

3)Can new members join in on the challenge ?


For any further questions get with me and I’ll gladly assist you. 

Let’s focus and gear up for SLIC