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Optimizing Your CrossFit Workout

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One of the questions I’m sure every athlete in a CrossFit class has asked at one point before the WOD is, “What weight do I use?”.

Typically I answer that question with a question of, “Tell me, what weight do you think you should use?”. After about a 20 second staring contest between the athlete and I, the process of how you determine your weight is explained.

CrossFit, as we know is a fitness methodology that is measurable and repeatable to test fitness. Measurable is the keyword for this post.
If the workout is measurable then that means we can keep data to track our progress, yes? YES!

The best way for any athlete to determine what are appropriate weights for a WOD is to keep your data tracked, both in strength and metcons (not the Nike shoes).
Keeping data on yourself not only will give you an appropriate intensity of the workout but will give you CONFIDENCE in executing the workout.
What I’ve done for years is transpose data from benchmarks onto other workouts to give me a reassurance of time to execute. Also this allows me to push the pace.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say one day Lisa, does the workout “Grace” which is 30 Clean & Jerks at 135/95 for time. She scales the workout to about 65 lbs and finishes in about 2:15. Not a bad time for Lisa on her Grace.
Two weeks later Lisa walks in and has a wod of 6 Rounds For Time 5 Clean & Jerks 135/95 10 Toes-to-Bar, 400m Run.

If Lisa takes a closer look and notices that she has 30 Clean & Jerks for the entire workout at 95lbs it basically Grace broken up. This will give her two bits of information.
1)What weight to use
2)Some time data to determine the outcome of the workout beforehand.

While this doesn’t solve the entire puzzle it gives here a few pieces to begin with.

What if Lisa ran a 5k earlier this year? Do you think that may help with the 1.5mi run she has in the workout?

I could go on forever but you see the point.

Remember keep track of all your data and it will help make you a fitter athlete.
Nerd out on some numbers and have fun in the box