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OTR III: Nutrition On The Go

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Unfortunately Jay-Z & Beyonce are not the topic of discussion for this post.

I often hear from many athletes both at the gym and across the web, “I don’t have time to eat!”

The answer to that is MAKE TIME! Life is busier than ever, whether you’re in school, parenting, career, or a mix of it all.
Your ability to perform in the gym and get a great quality workout is driven by your nutrition. Remember that your body needs fuel. Here’s a few quick & easy meals to grab fuel on the run!

Grocery Store
Simple Macros
-1/4lb sliced deli turkey breast
-Bag of Almonds


Turkey Roll Ups
-1/4lb sliced deli turkey breast
-Individual hummus cups


Food Bar
-Baked Potato

Convenient Store
-Beef Jerky
-Granola Bar


Protein Shake + KIND Bar

Burrito Bowl
-1 scoop of rice
-Fajita Veggies

Fuel sources are all around you and can be accessed in less than 10 minutes of your “busy” day. Make the time to get great fuel to combine it with your great workout!

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