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Training For A Strongman/Woman Competion

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What’s going down everyone.

I wanted to take a quick minute to give a quick guideline on how to prepare and layout training cycles for a strongman/woman competition.

I know it can be a little tricky and overwhelming but simple is beautiful when it comes to programming and training.

I’m going to take you into my mind of how I prepare for a strongman competition and will use the H-Town Strongwoman Team challenge as an example.

First I go into what I believe a strongman/woman athlete needs to be successful

1.Strong Core
2.Strong Grip
3.Strong Body
4.Implement Skill/Technique/Strength

Second I take the list of events/implements at the competition and list them from least proficient to most proficient. I focus more effort towards my lease proficient
lifts while sharpening the most.

In this case this is how I’d rank the events in terms of my skill and strength

1.Axle Clean & Jerk
3.Yoke Carry | Sandbag Carry
5.Tire Flip

Here’s what a 4 Day Training Template would look like

Day 1
Accessory Strength
5×5 Heavy DB Shoulder Press
5×5 Axle Push Press
5×5 Upright Row

Strongman Skill
5×3 Axle Clean & Jerk

8x20s Weighted Plank
3×15 GHD Band Hip Extension

Day 2
Accessory Strength
5×5 Heavy Front Squat
5×8 BB Jump Squat
5×5 Jefferson Curls
5×5 Trap Bar Deadlift

Strongman Skill
5×3 Stone 2 Shoulder

6x20s Sandbag Hold + 100ft carry

Day 3
Accessory Strength
4×12 Hammer Curls
4×12 Weighted Dips
4×12 Single Arm DB Row
4×12 Heavy Trap Bar Shrugs
4×12 Arnold Press w/DB
4×12 Bent Over BB Row

Day 4
5×50′ Yoke Carry (working up to competition weight)

3×5 Tire Flips

4x50m Pinch Grip Plate Carry

3×20 Weighted Side Bends

A simple format goes a long way. Make those weakness into strengths and work on improving technique of all events.

Remember it takes a lifetime to get strong. Not just 2 weeks.

Train Smart
Eat Steaks
Recover Smooth

-Coach DStut