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Supplement Guide

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Disclaimer: These are a list of my supplements I use for my personal goals.  Take what you want from it. It’s not required. Also this is not a brand debate.  Buy whatever you want. 

Let’s get to it.  I’m always being asked what do I take for this and that in regards to supporting my workouts. Thought I’d let everyone take a sneak peek.  Ladies..these supplements DO NOT make you look like a man so lets knock that myth down.

Pre-Workout: STIM: Blackmarket Labs.  Pre-workouts usually are high in caffeine and beta-alanine.  Caffeine is a stimulant which gives you a pick-me-up.  Beta-alanine helps your muscles fire faster. Typically comes with a tingly sensation to the skin when taken.

-L-glutamine is a natural occurring amino acid found in dense quantities of animal proteins. I use this primarily to recover and reduce muscle soreness.  It usually comes in a tasteless/odorless powder.

Fish Oil
Rich with Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils are an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Yes you can get O3’s from eating fatty fish such as salmon, steelhead trout, Icelandic char, etc

Black Cumin Seed Oil
Anti-inflammatory, immune system support,blood pressure.  This supplement goes back to the times of the Great Pharaoh’s of Egypt. Black cumin seeds were found in the coffin of King Tut for his trip to the afterlife . If one of the greatest dynasties on the planet took it…you probably should too!

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, heart health.  You could just cook with this either buy juicing or in powder form (especially if you’re into curries).

Recovery + Sleep Aid
CBD Oil w/ Melatonin
CBD a great reliever of anxiety, focus/mood enhancer, anti nausea
Melatonin is a hormone that regulate your sleep cycle.
These two work together to gear down the mind for rest. QUALITY SLEEP is what the body needs to recover

And no guys, CBD does not get you high!


I hope this quick guide helps you with supplement selection. Remember nothing beats eating real high quality food.
If you have any questions feel free to DM me.

_Coach Stut Muffin