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Training 2-A-Days

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The temperatures are at a high as athletes are training multiple times a day getting ready for their sports. The concept of training multiple times a day is nothing new to any sport or athlete as a matter-of-fact. The best of the best sacrifice and put their bodies through the ringer in order to dominate their sport.

In order to sustain multiple training sessions in a day an athlete must:

Train Smart


    Quality nutrition is a must for each athlete to recover and perform during practice or in the weight room. Sorry but cheeseburgers and milkshakes won’t cut it. Athletes must intake the calories
    needed to perform and also get him or her ready for the next days of training. Fuel the body for training and refuel post training.
  • REST
    Sleep is KING. Just as much as you workout hard you also must equally if not more importantly get a good night’s rest. 6-9 hours of QUALITY sleep is needed to stay game ready
    All the sweat pouring effort must be replenished with water. We recommend athletes at a MINIMUM drink half their bodyweight in ounces in water. Water is more than quenching your thirst, it’s needed to regulate body temperature, muscle hydration, and cell functionality.
    Yes these are quite important but before you grab that sports drink and chug them all day you can get most of your electrolytes from a balance of veggies and fruits. Also low sugar drinks such as Pedialyte help as well. If you’re in a bind, throw 1/4 tsp of pink sea salt in your water and get after it.
    Supplements: Supplements are great. They are no substitute for a good diet regardless of how you eat. BCAA’s are for intra|post workout consumption. Fish oil/CBD oil/L-Glutamine are great for inflammation and soreness reduction.

Train Smart
If you’re getting ready for sport, chances are your coaching staff has already planned out your week for you so be prepared and stay focus. If you are doing multi-training sessions in a day come up with a game plan and attack with precision. Know when to take a rest day. Look at the particular muscle groups being trained throughout the week. Don’t just throw random stuff together and hope it works. Know it works and understand why it works!

If you have any questions about 2-A-Days email me at and I’ll get back with you!

Recover Strong

Train Smart


Coach Donald