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UNDEFEATED: Donald vs Cancer – Pt. I

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Many have always asked me about the story of my battle with cancer. Some have heard tidbits. Others were there to tell there own rendition of it. Join me in this multi-part series as I unfold my journey from diagnosis to treatment to recovery

Pt 1 – What Is Wrong With My Neck??
Early January 2017, I woke up at 4:30AM to teach class. I looked up in the mirror and noticed the right side of my neck was swollen severely. I poked at it. I touched it. Nothing hurt, I thought it was a strain or some other inflammation and that it would just go away.
I had lunch with my good buddy Khizer and his wife Rebecca and he noticed the swelling and told me to go to the doctor. Still I didn’t worry about it. Went home to visit my mom, she saw the swelling, again she suggested I see a doctor. After a few weeks oh my mom and Khizer badgering me to go see a doctor, I made an appointment just so they could leave me alone.

My general practitioner, Dr.  Scruggs had me get an ultrasound of the neck and some blood work. My blood work came back perfectly fine, however I had a 4cm lymph node. Still I didn’t worry much about it. My doctor referred me to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist for further investigation.

I went to see Dr. Jalal to examine this swelling in the neck. Her answer simply was that a biopsy of the region would have to be done. “BIOPSY?! You mean you’re going to stick a needle in my neck?” WRONG! She was going to make an incision in my neck and take a tissue sample for pathology. I looked at her like she was crazy.

At that moment the reality of what’s really happening started to set in. I was heading to surgery for the first time in my life. Not only surgery but anesthesia based surgery as well. This was very hard to accept, I’ve never broken a bone, torn a ligament or muscle nonetheless need surgery and now
I’m on my way to an operating room.

I gave my mom a call and told her about the biopsy and she calmly said, “Well we need to find out what’s going on”. Now I had to figure out how to get to surgery and home. If anyone knows me well, you know that I am a very independent guy and I take the world on by myself and rarely ask for help. I will crawl to my car and drive myself to get medicine before I let someone go do it for me!

I thought that I could drive to surgery, get on the operating table, wake up and drive home. WRONG! I thought I could just Uber everywhere. WRONG!

Fate had now forced me to do something I didn’t want to do, ASK FOR HELP!

What happened next changed the way I saw life…