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WKND VBZ (pronounced Weekend Vibes)
Is Spectra’s newest class!

When: Fridays @ 6:30PM-7:00PM

WKND VBZ is more about mood and setting the tone for the weekend that it is performance.

In this class Viberz create their own space and state of mind for working out with the careful guidance of our coaches.

What’s your mood for the weekend?
-It’s ladies night and you want to get a good workout in before an evening on the town

-Fellas maybe you’ve got a hot date and want those muscles to pop a little more in that one shirt that makes you looked jacked

-Maybe it’s just been a long stressful ass weekend and you want to blow off some steam and leave all the negative energy on the gym floor before heading home

-Perhaps you’ve got a busy weekend and won’t be able to hit the gym.

We all at some point can identify with one of these MOODS!

Each Friday we will have themes that allow you to build MOODS (workouts off of)

Little Black Dress
3 Rounds
(10-15 reps)
Hammer Curls
Ring Pulls
Shoulder Press
30s Side Plank

CARDIO <optional>
(10-15 min)

3 Rounds
(10-15 reps)
KB Deadlifts
KB Sumo Squats
KB Lunges
Russian Twists

4 Rounds
(10-15 Reps)
Bench Press
Close Grip Push Ups
Skull Crushers

CARDIO <optional>

3 Rounds
20 Lat Pull Downs
20 Trap Bar Shrugs
DB/BB 21’s

2 Rounds
50 Plate Toe Touches
50 Russian Twists

With WKND VBZ you can pick and choose between what we recommend to create your own mood…your own vibe. We aren’t going to tell you to go light or go heavy, it’s however you want to vibe.

Want to come Vibe with us? Fill out a form below and come Vibe out!